28 August 2010

Somewhere along the line...

I learned to hate roaches. I mean HATE them. I'm usually a very calm, level-headed person. But when I see a roach, I wig out so intensely that those around me think I'm putting them on.

I only bring this up because I just found one in my room, and almost went into hysterics at 4:30am. I had to find something to smash it with. The only thing around which was heavy enough was a bottle full of water. I slammed it down onto the vermin and heard that oh-so-disturbing crunch. I lifted the bottle and the fucker was still moving. I gagged, smooshed the bottle back down, turned it clockwise and counterclockwise, just to be sure.

Yes, I blame the neighbors for this.

So here is your picture of the day...
please don't vomit as I did.

Also, I'm in need of someone to come to my house and dispose of him.


  1. Cool blog. Just followed you. =)

  2. Roaches are definitely creepy.
    They make my body assume the mentality of a war machine....must destroy, must destroy. :P